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The vessel at home in Fisherman's Landing San Diego, California.

Polaris Supreme

Long Range Fishing Reports

Oct. 4, 2015

~~Oct. 4
 Well, things didn't make a 180 degree turn today.  It was more like a 90 degree turn.  Things definitely were on the up.  The tuna were much more active up top chasing around flying fish.  The tuna were mostly a smaller grade than what we were looking for but there were a few dabs of cows blowing out here and there.  The catching was a little better today as well.  If you tried at it hard enough, you could catch a few.  And we definitely tried today.  We fished hard.  No cows though.  Our biggest tuna was 160 pounds.  We still had a lack of conditions.  A little more wind today at times along with some rain squalls.  And it cooled down a lot with the help of the cloud cover we had blocking out some of the suns evil rays.

 Tommy saw on our weather program this afternoon a low pressure system forming not too far away from us.  They were calling for a 20 percent chance of something forming there in the next 2 days as it traveled toward us rather quickly.  We very well could've been perfectly fine where we were but there wasn't and never really is any reason to take that chance so we're moving up.

 We'll be arriving to our destination after lunch tomorrow.  We did get 1 cow while we were there.  Hopefully the sharks keep off us a little bit.
      Drew and crew

Oct. 3, 2015

~~Oct. 3
 I'm not sure what to think about this place.  Things just aren't normal here.  Maybe it's the 85 degree water, maybe it's the lack of current and wind, we just don't know but things don't seem right.  There's sort of a lack of life but then again there isn't.  We see the tuna driving around on the machines.  Not definite cows but nice fish.  The wahoo are still plentiful.  But we just don't see it up top like we normally do here.  It's weird.  No blow outs, no bird schools, no breezers.  Strange.  Do we give it more time?  The cows could easily just be off the edge of this bank and could move right back up in an hour if they chose to.  Like perhaps if the right flow of current happened.

 Anyways on with todays report.  We were up bright and early fishing hard.  Shark after shark after small tuna.  After breakfast and a couple hours we went trolling for wahoo.  That wasn't hard.  We caught plenty of those.  Then we tried trolling the yummy flyers around on the kite but that didn't work.  Then we tried slow trolling live bait but that didn't work.  So after lunch we sent everyone to bed including the crew.  We were going to try it in the dark.  Pull an all nighter if that's when the fish want to bite.  The handful of nicer tuna that we caught yesterday was in the dark so maybe that was the ticket.  Well we caught a few nice ones, which was better than the daylight hours.  The shark fishing was good.  We're going through a lot of tackle, that's for sure.

 Let's see what tomorrow will bring.  We've seen this place do a 180 plenty of times day to day.  Hope it does.
 I need to mention to you all our up and coming trips.  We have a few week gap in our schedule coming up starting 10/14/15 Wed.  We'll be throwing in 11 1.5 day trips in there.  In fact we already did.  So to book, go to the Fisherman's Landing website.  We're also open for charters if you'd like to get a group together or bring your company.  We also have a 10 day trip departing 11/08/15 with 6 spots still available.  This trip has a max load of 20 anglers so even if we left full, it's not going to be full.  Ultra limited load is what you'd call that.  Come catch those big log wahoo we've been getting and who knows what else is in store during this 2015 El Nino season.
     Drew and crew

Oct. 2, 2015

~~Oct. 2
 We arrived to our destination at 1:30 this afternoon.  It was a lovely ride out here.  Hot, hot, hot.  It's steamy and hot out here.  Once again we had great wahoo fishing today.  If you wanted to catch a wahoo, all you had to do was try.  There was no wind out here today, and no current.  No wind+no current=bad tuna fishing.  We couldn't anchor up for one thing.  Without severely risking our anchor gear that is.  And even if we could, getting a bait away from the boat would be tough and flying a kite was impossible with no wind and all.  So after trying that and getting our fix on wahoo, we made some drifts.  It's hard to say how good the fishing was because we have 7 guys, and it's really tough to get them fishing.  They see the 2 guys fishing without a fish on and figure it's not good fishing so they just hang out on the rail, sometimes with a cigar, sometimes with a beer.  But I think we could've scratched good at 60-140 pound fish.  We caught a handful in that range.  Then came the rain.  It rained hard for about an hour after sunset.  The boat got a nice fresh water rinse. 

 So we're going to drift out here tonight, and hopefully by early morning we have some conditions and can anchor up for the morning hit and figure things out. 
    Drew and crew