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2018 Hess / OPEN TWO OPEN SPOTS / 7 Day Trip from Jul 25, 2018

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Polaris Supreme Trip Report 07-25-18

by Team Supreme, 7-25-2018

Passing up the small numbers of big Bluefin, targeting big variety!

We departed today on our annual Hess 7 day charter. We are pointed south targeting Wahoo, Yellowtail, and Yellowfin tuna!

The weather is great and the prime rib is Delicious.

Will report tomorrow,
Team Supreme

The heroes behind the scene!

by Team Supreme, 7-26-2018

The heroes behind the scene!

If you have fished with us then you have more than likely met the Fishermans Landing Red shirt crew. These guys play a huge role when it comes to having a successful Long Range Fishing trip. From landing maintenance to cheerfully helping load you on your Long Range fishing trip. These hardworking men make our boat, landing, and fleet second to none and deserve some recognition.

From everyone here at Team Supreme we would like to thank you for everything you guys do!

Polaris Supreme Trip Report 07-27-18

by Team Supreme, 7-27-2018

Viva variety!

We started the day off with some excellent Yellowtail fishing. Mixed grade fish from 8 lbs to 35 lbs. The majority was released but we were able to pull some nice grade fish aboard.

Weather is great and conditions are good down here.

Will report again tomorrow,
Team Supreme

The variety list gets LONGER!

by Team Supreme, 7-28-2018

The variety list gets LONGER!

Today we had our sights set on big numbers of quality Yellowfin Tuna. However the plan did not unfold as we expected. We found tuna but not the numbers we were looking for. Instead we were able to catch a variety of other species. Including Broom tail and Leopard Grouper, Dorado, bigger grade Yellowtail, and Wahoo.

The Hess Charter we are currently fishing with was recently a 5 day trip. They increased the trip to a 7 day in hopes of a larger variety of fish species, they defiantly are getting the mixed bag now!

Our sights will be on Wahoo tomorrow.

Wish us luck,
Team Supreme

The skinnys got some speed!

by Team Supreme, 7-30-2018

The skinnys got some speed!

Today was definitely a grind, but it eventually did ignite! We were able to catch some large Wahoo today. Wahoo fishing was a first for many people on this charter. Today they got to see first hand how crazy and fast pace it could be. However through the chaos they realized truly how exhilarating these fish are to catch.

Will report tomorrow,
Team Supreme